"I got my start at


   I was among the first ten female copywriters in Boston.

   It was a time of political incorrectness, uncomfortable zones and you had to work all night. If they didn't like your idea, they set it on fire (well, that happened one time).

    Who ever put the best idea on the wall won. I had the gleeful shock of doing so, and no one was more stunned than my bosses. I got promoted and won awards. 

     My chance to do tons of broadcast and multi-channel campaigns came as an Associate CD in Maine (I got a lot of, "we don't do things like that around here").

     As an Associate CD/VP in Rhode Island, I was the creative resource for Washington Trust Bank. I worked at tiny agencies, long forgotten now, and big agencies like Arnold and Digitas, writing for Fortune 500 clients. I was a Copy Supervisor at marcomms like Fidelity, and the sole writer for my department at Staples and the MBTA. There isn't a category I haven't written for or pitched.

     Like any artist who has been honing their craft for decades, I am at the top of my game.




OVERNIGHT success.

"We need a line tomorrow," I was told.

I'm a clutch player and delivered.

The MBTA's anti-terrorism campaign was launched in Boston's South Station, and so began the life of the world's most recognized tag line.


 I've been in the shoes of patient, parent, adult child and sibling. I know the circle of life and can write about it with conviction.


kung-fu grip. 

I am a black belt shopper. On line, in-store, in garages, open markets in Guatemala, yes, I've dug through piles at Filene's Basement. I've driven my brand new Volvo off the showroom floor. From Tiffany's to TJ Maxx, there ain't a shopping experience I haven't enjoyed. I know the thrills, the whys and wherefores.

on the left.

"Promote Staples Brand Products."

There's a boring way to do it.

And there's a better way.

The better way is on the left.